Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some of my finished work/ Examples

Some of my finished work. In no particular order.

Sliding tile puzzle sculpture. 32"x 32", 2013

Chewing Cow. Oil on Canvas 32" x 34", 2014

Ceramic Calf Head 9"
Aluminum "under head"

"Underneath" Photo of melting beeswax

Photo of melting beeswax

Install Shot of 7,700 calories and faux bovinae
7,700 Calories. Photo of melting chocolate

Install shot of "Underneath"

Ceramic Jalapeno 14"

Ceramic Jalapeno

Digital practice 2007
Cartoon Big Head Dragon 2006

Digital painting practice 2009

Digital illustration practice 2010

2006 Design practice Alice in Wonderland

2006 Photo manipulation

Cartoon Charizard for a friend 20011
Gummy Bears, marble, and bag. Oil on canvas

Cow-liedoscope 12"x12" oil on canvas
Drooling Dog. 32"x34", oil on canvas2013
Install shot. Better photo.

Back home, 32"x34, oil on canvas, 2012
Live model practice, 24"x17" oil on canvas 2012

Reaching for Pepsi, 12"x12, oil on canvas, 2012

Faux Bovinae. Bees wax and wood 2014

Faux Bovinae

Mold Making and casting

 Here are some examples of my mold making experience. I have a few other similar photographs of similar projects available upon request. All were done on a student budget so cost of materials played a role in project size.

Quick Clear silicone calking mold.
Mother mold is plaster

Water based clay cow. Clear Silicone
calking mold.

Plaster Mother mold. Cow in Chocolate

Foam head. Plaster mold. Cast in wax

Wax cast spruing
Dipping in ceramic shell

Burning out wax
Aluminum pour

aluminum in ceramic shell
breaking ceramic shell

aluminum pour. I am in the center.

Finished aluminum
Covered clay head in plastic. Created a
water based clay layer to be replaced by rubber.
Made plaster mother mold over clay.
hand sculpted oil clay
cast resin eyes. Painted

Clay head in plaster mother mold

Pouring rubber mold inside plaster
mother mold and around clay head.

first casting. bees wax face poured around
the aluminum core.

Rubber face mold. Did it this way
to save material. Made a flexible mold

melted wax face around aluminum core
Final piece (I melt them)

Box mold with rubber from polytec
pouring rubber slowly over clay piece

Hot wax inside rubber mold
first wax castings

finished piece
finished pieces melted and hung

New cow bust
Brush on silicone from Smooth-On

Making Mother mold with Smooth-On
Plasty Paste material. Plans to bolt this
mother mold together rather than
use mold straps.